Everything You Need to Know About Wisdom Teeth Removal

The theory about the origin of wisdom teeth goes back to early human ancestors and therefore they are also referred as the remnants of an ancient era. Our ancestors had a very different diet, mainly root, raw meat and plants. They required extra molars to grind up tough food. But, these days, diet has changed and therefore we have smaller jaws that don’t fit in those third molars quite as well. Often, people want to get the wisdom teeth removed. If you are planning the same then we are going to discuss things about wisdom teeth that dentist in Dubai will tell you. Wisdom teeth are removed because of many reasons and some of them will be discussed below.

1. They Become Impacted

Sometimes, wisdom teeth do not come out properly. It means that they don’t come through and become trapped in the jaw, right under the gums. These impacted wisdom teeth can cause a lot of problems. They can form cysts around them and it can be very painful and irritating. Also, they can damage nearby teeth and bone. In this case, you look for the best Dubai dentist and you have get your teeth removed.

2. Space Problem

Sometimes, it also happens that there is not sufficient space of wisdom teeth. In this case, they can cause damage to nearby teeth. They can cause crowding and pain and cause a lot of problem. Thus, you will have to take the help of best dentist in Dubai.

3. Don’t come in correctly

Many a times, people want to get them removed as they don’t come in correctly. Either they are not in right position and are grown partially. It can make flossing difficult which further leads to accumulation of food and bacteria in the teeth, cause further dental problems.


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