At easy dental we know it is important for us to listen to you and understand your needs and desires. We offer a free consultation with our dentists and/or treatment co-ordinators. This initial visit will allow you to see the practice, meet the team and discuss your problems, needs and wants.

If you then wish to continue with us, we can offer one of the most comprehensive assessments in the world. With the help of advanced state of the art technology and our highly trained & experienced dentists, we have customised our assessments to meet your needs and wishes.

Our aim would be to understand your situation, to make an accurate diagnosis taking into consideration your goals and wishes for your dental care and to recommend a customised ideal treatment plan unique for you.


Regular professional cleaning combined with looking after your teeth and gums well at home will help keep your oral health in check, which means a fresh breath and healthy smile.

With our General Dentistry, the focus is on the health and correct functioning? of your teeth to prevent future problems such as decay, deterioration of teeth and bad gums.For those requiring general or routine dental care, the aim of our customised adult dental care plans is the prevention of future invasive dentistry.

Our fully qualified and experienced Dentist are experts in the treatment and management of gum disease andhelping you to maintain healthy teeth and gums.


There are a number of tooth coloured amalgam-free filling materials available. The most suitable options for your teeth are discussed and recommended during your first appointment.

Replacing old unsightly metal amalgam fillings with natural looking modern tooth coloured (white) fillings.It is relatively simple and easy to create a more attractive restoration in only one visit.For more information, talk to one of our friendly & helpful team on 04 3885989


Missing teeth can be replaced with implants or bridgework. Great results can be achieved by combining the latest advanced materials and gum management techniques to make replacement teeth appear to emerge from the gum like a natural tooth.


Implants are the modern way to replace missing teeth. The implant, which is made of titanium, is fitted in bone where the tooth root would normally be. When fully integrated to the bone, a post (or abutment) is attached to the implant and crown or bridge can be placed over the abutment to replace the missing tooth or teeth.


When the whole dentition is broken down, there is considerable tooth surface loss and/or multiple missing teeth, then a full mouth reconstruction may be required. This will normally require every tooth to be restored often with a combination of veneers, crowns, implants and/or bridgework.


Many people think that dentures have been left behind in the cosmetic dental revolution, it’s not so! In fact, using the latest technology and techniques, cosmetic dentures can create the smile makeover. Forget 10 years younger, the latest in cosmetic dentures can not only restore your smile but take 20 years off your whole face!

Dental Clinic is passionate to help the patients in maintaining a healthy smile for life. Here, we serve you with world class facility and assured results for all the surgeries.