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Dental issues do not come alone. Toothache that regularly prompts migraines and urges the patient to abstain from eating might be the reason of drowsiness and weakness, in addition to lowered immunity. Not having the capacity to eat properly can take a toll on your good health, exposing you to various illnesses and inviting various other medical problems. Although we understand the uneasiness and dread of large bills, it is important to consult a dental health expert every now and then. What if we tell you that now you can meet your nation’s dentists right here in Dubai? At Dental Lounge, you will find the best Filipino dental facility with trained and expert Pinoy dental practitioners. You can explain your problems at ease in your own language. If you want to schedule your consultation sessions in advance, it is best to plan them at gaps of every three to six months for utmost dental care in Dubai. This way you ensures that your beautiful smile stays astonishing! At our clinic, you can get Pinoy dental services to help you with unaligned teeth, sensitive or chipped tooth, as well as extremely painful issues such as tooth decay or wisdom tooth problems.


Vigorously Trained Pinoy Dentists

At Dental Lounge, you will discover dental care quality that surpasses your expectations. You are not just in safe hands and around friendly dentists from your own nation, but also be sure that our services are as affordable as dental care could get. At our clinic, you will get Pinoy dental care with dentists who have been extensively trained to offer the best services and have years of experience handling dental patients just like you. Come and meet our Pinoy dental experts to get rid of all your dental pain and problems. You deserve a smile that impresses everyone!

Broad Range of Dental Health Services

Dental Lounge is exceedingly focused towards making affordable services in dental care accessible to all Filipino dental patients. Our line of dental services range from cosmetic such as offering tooth whitening and corrective care, to extensive medical procedures and surgeries that require focused attention. Our Filipino dental experts can help you with a wide range of dental issues. Here, you can get bridges and crowns, get your teeth aligned with braces, as well as get root canal or wisdom tooth removal surgery done in an environment that is both safe and hygienic.

Expert Consultation and Dental Checkups

For an extremely healthy smile, it is imperative to get dental health counselling quarterly. This not only ensures avoiding health issues that may arise but also directs attention to urgent care of decayed tooth, enamel degradation, loosened or chipped tooth, helping avoid many further complications. Regular check-ups are designed to make sure that your teeth stay in good shape and your smile stays amazing! At Dental Lounge, you can get an appointment with a Filipino dental expert and consult in your native language. Book an appointment today!

World Class Technology and Equipment

Our Clinic is outfitted with the best dental tools and equipment to give you a fine Pinoy dental care experience in an outstandingly safe and hygienic environment. Furnished with dental instruments and apparatuses especially aimed to offer you comfort in the midst of long dental procedures such as root canal and wisdom tooth removal surgeries, which require attention to detail and extreme focus. Pinoy dentists at Dental Lounge make sure that you are comfortable and in experienced hands that have been trained to use these equipment with great precision and care.

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