Best Zoom Teeth Whitening Clinic in Dubai


If you’re happy with the shape of your teeth but don’t like the colour, then visit Dubai’s best Tooth Whitening clinic in Karama may be for you. We know that long term stains, built up through years of coffee, tea, red wine or cigarettes, can be tough to budge. Come to one of our dental clinic at Al Karama, Satwa or muraqqabat lounges for professional tooth whitening services to banish those stubborn stains. Our caring, highly qualified dentists will talk you through the options we can offer you.

At our practice, we offer both in-surgery and take-home teeth whitening treatments. Don’t shy away from your smile any longer – take action and restore your smile’s youthful luster. To arrange a consultation regarding our teeth whitening options, contact The Dental lounge at 043970883 or 043463008  today.

Healthy teeth that have yellowed with age or stained from coffee, red wine or smoking usually respond well to whitening. Office teeth whitening or a more economical home whitening kit, the effect is good. The procedure takes approximately 2 hours at the dental office.If you choose at home whitening, Top-up gel is supplied to maintain the result.

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