Four types of dental care to get from your Dubai dentist

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There can be as many reasons to visit a dental practitioner as there are ways of getting a dental problem. From tooth decay, gum disease, to complex issues such as one which may require surgery for tooth extraction or restoration of a missing teeth, dentists can be helpful in many ways, especially to brink that non-crooked beautiful smile back on our faces. If you are looking for one of the best dentist in Dubai, then be sure for what purposes you can choose the one. A good dental practitioner can help you in four different ways. These are preventive care, restorative dental care, specialized care, and cosmetic care. Let us take a look at these various types of dental issues to decide which dental expert is best for you.

Here are four ways in which a Dubai dentist can help you

Preventive care

This type of care is for those who never leave a chance of healthier teeth. Regular check ups on monthly, quarterly and yearly basis, depending upon the patient’s age and the severity of dental issues he or she has faced in the past are all a part of preventive care. This is recommended even if you think you don’t have any tooth decay and are not facing problems such as toothache, in order to avoid this happening in future, by helping you control any upcoming issues through cleaning and x-ray screenings.

Restorative Dental Care

If someone has developed tooth decay or gum disease, then to restore the oral health, dental care directed towards the purpose is required. The best dentist in Dubai will give you a treatment that will both reduce your pain and help you overcome any tooth decay or gum disease, but also focus on helping you avoid arising further issues in oral care.

Specialized Care

This type of care requires special attention and special set of skills, which only specialized, and experienced doctors can provide. Orthodontists for braces, endodontists for root canals, as well as prosthodontists for dental implants etc. are required to give their expert care depending upon the type of issue you may be facing.

Cosmetic treatments

Cosmetic improvements consist of treatments such as teeth whitening and helping you get perfectly aligned teeth with overlays. An affordable dentist in Dubai will be able to give you all these without burning a hole in your pocket. So, make your pick with the best dentists with Dental Lounge at one of our three branches at Karama, Muraqqabat and Satwa.


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