When Is The Right Time For Wisdom Teeth To Be Removed?

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Wisdom tooth flares up in the oral cavity when a person starts to grow. It occupies the eighth position in the series of teeth in the arch of our mouth. This wisdom tooth does not play any compelling role in chewing food as observed in most of the patients in Dubai. So, it is generally suggested by the Pinoy Dentist to get the wisdom tooth removed. Some of the dentists are also available who ask to avoid removal of the wisdom tooth. But this is not the best idea as if the tooth is not extracted at an early stage then it might lead to convoluted cases in the later stages at the time of the flare-up.

There are different cases in which it is suggested by the dentists to get their wisdom tooth extracted. Some of them are listed below:

Improper growth: Before the arrival of the wisdom tooth, the oral cavity occupies the other teeth in sequence. Once this tooth flares up, over-crowding can be commonly seen in most of the patients. In that case, it is advised to have the extraction procedure done without any delays.

Increased pain: At the time of the ejection of wisdom teeth, pain and discomfort are quite common. In such cases, most of the dentists ask the patient to get the respective tooth extracted before the condition becomes worse.

Increased occurrence of cavities: It has been observed by the dentists at Dental Lounge that the tooth presents adjacent to the wisdom teeth engage cavities to a larger extent. All this occurred as the food gets stuck in between the teeth leading to cavities. And it starts spreading if not controlled at the right time.

Pericoronitis: When the wisdom tooth flare-up, it leads to the expansion of the gums which are generally aroused and have a hard density. This problem is commonly called as pericoronitis. And this type of condition generally occurs with the patients who have wisdom teeth erupting in the lower arch.

The Occurrence of cyst: The occurrence of cyst around the wisdom tooth is also one of the most common reasons which make it important for the people to opt for the extraction of the teeth. So, it is advised to have the wisdom tooth removed before the situation becomes worse like a tumor.

These are some of the situations in which the wisdom tooth needs to be removed on the urgent basis and without any delays. So, if you are also facing one of the situations that are mentioned above then consult your dentist and get it done now!


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