Signs your child may need braces in Dubai

Your child may be showing a number of signs that they need braces in Dubai. Some of the symptoms are given below. All you need to do is check for these symptoms or get them checked by an experienced dentist.

  • Trouble eating properly
  • Overlapping front teeth
  • Early loss of infant teeth
  • Constant complains of food being hard to chew
  • Thumb sucking
  • Sound on jaw movement
  • Biting inside of the cheeks
  • Empty spaces between teeth
  • Out of proportion mouth and jaw area
  • Fallen tooth

If your child is facing any of the above problems, it is necessary to get them braces as soon as possible. Though braces can be used to align teeth at almost any age, it is best to get the treatment early on when the child is in growing phase to get better and faster results. Here are types of braces to choose:

Metal Braces:

Used traditionally all over the world, the metal sections and wires, which we normally picture when it comes to teeth alignment, are used for their inexpensiveness. They use body warmth to slowly and rapidly move teeth and align them easily.

Colored Braces:

These are also braces made of metal, with the difference that they are tooth colored and therefore are not easily detectable that one is wearing them. Although they are less visible, they do not slow down the aligning process, but are costlier than normal metal ones. In addition, they may decolor after a while if not properly cared for.

Lingual Braces:

These metal sections and wires are put when the teeth, making them invisible from outside. However, they are very difficult to clean, resulting in cultivation of oral germs. Many patient also complain about their being uncomfortable.

Invisalign Braces:

Grown-ups mostly prefer these invisible plastic aligners. They are removable and are changed throughout the treatment for the alignment to take place properly. It is easy to eat and drink in them but they only work for slight alignment issues. Moreover, they are quite expensive.

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